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Report of Thorough Examination

5.7 usd

Lifting equipment reporting can be long and monotonous process, this application reduces the fast amount of time that is currently being spent doing lifting equipment examinations. Current software has been designed around inputting each item individually, repeating the input process for every individual item is a time consuming process. This application cuts the time spent by introducing a new format the examiner can now add multiple same type items, allowing full reports of thorough examination to be created in seconds.Plain Text Report Type. Each examination report you complete will be emailed back to you within minutes you will receive a new email for each report simply copy the report into your own word or spreadsheet format for editing.
Silver Report Type.Each examination report you complete you will be emailed back with plain text confirmation. Once you have completed your full examination and submitted your complete report, your reports will be formatted into a workable spreadsheet workbook, these workbooks are easy to edit using Microsoft Excel or by using the free Google office suite.
Gold Report TypePersonalize your reports by uploading your company logo and examiners digital signature,Each examination report that you complete, will be emailed back with plain text confirmation. Once you have completed your full examination and submitted your complete report, your reports will be formatted into the popular pdf format for easy printing and reading, the pdf reports do not need editing and are ready to forward on to your customers, you will also receive a  workable spreadsheet to keep track of your examinations.
Time ZonesDepending on your time zone you will usually receive your completed report within 8 hours, all completed reports sent before 8pm will always be completed and sent back to you before 8am.
PricingNo matter what report type you decide on, there is no time limit, you can use the reports on as many new examinations as required, each new examination will generate a new spreadsheet (spreadsheets only available on silver and gold report types).
Adding items to your reportsYou can add up to 20 same type items to a single report, this helps to eliminate a lot of wasted time spent having to input each item individually.
If you have 20 alloy screw pin bow shackles SWL 3.25 tonne that are in the same location, the report allows you to select the number of shackles to be inspected, the type of shackle and finally the identifications numbers of each shackle. When you have completed the report send it, this then will generate 1 pdf report of thorough examination and 1 spreadsheet (pdf reports only available on gold report types)
Adding more shackles types or a new item type will generate a new pdf report of thorough examination and a new spreadsheet that will be added to your spreadsheet workbook.
About this applicationI developed this application for my own use, working as an ad-hoc lifting equipment examiner; I have found that most of my time is spent at the computer inputting the data from the day’s inspection.
I have used many types of onsite software but have found them first of all very expensive and secondly impractical to use on site, the software is usually designed by software engineers that do not really have an understanding of lifting equipment and I usually find myself going back to pen and paper and then having to transfer all of the day’s work onto the inspection software when I get home, basically doing the job twice.
How it WorksEach time you send a report you get a plain text conformation email, the email is formatted to a certain point, all you need to do is copy text from the email and paste it into a spreadsheet Microsoft excel or Google sheets both work fine, you will need a basic knowledge of spreadsheets (merge cells and text wrap) it is as simple as that.
If you have not got time for all the paper work try the gold package.